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For a while now, I have been living quite high up in a building in the south of Leipzig. The sunsets, sunrises and storm clouds I got to see here are can be breathtaking – if I’d see them on a postcard, I’d call it cheesy.

These pictures were taken with my mobile in the early hours of a mild December day. I applied no filters, the buildings reflected the sunlight just like that. First picture is a distinctive building with something written on it: “Erbaut in den Kriegsjahren 1914-17 Verband Deutscher Handlungsgehilfen”. I wanted to know more about it, but googling the words just brings up a link with a picture of this building, so I assume it’s nothing too special. The second one is the tower of St. Peters Church.

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streetart (instagram)

This used to be on Friedrich Ebert Str. in Leipzig:

Instagram: streetart in leipzig

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new #cat flatmate playing (instagram)

Ok, this is my first post using the instagrate plugin. What else could it feature but a cat :) .  I’ve always been a cat person, their company just makes me happy, and for all the time I did not have one myself, I kept taking random pictures of them in the streets. Call me crazy cat stalker :) .

So it was only natural that I got my own cat once I got a real job and a bigger flat with a nice balcony. Meet Lilly, she came from a shelter in Leipzig, and was just the cat that I was looking for: Not a young kitten with her 10 years, a little shy, unhappy in the shelter and in great need of tlc. She gained 700g of weight and quite a bit of self confidence since she’s been here.

Instagram: new #cat flatmate starting to play :)
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